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They just keep on giving…. Rather incredibly, less than 48 hours after Tim Kaine’s significant geographical error reminded us all of Democrats’ struggles this election cycle with our nation’s fifty nifty states, Obama flubbed again tonight on national television, speaking with his family:

Barack: I’m here with the Gerardo family, here in St. Louis. This is Jim and Alicia, and like us…

Sasha: Hi Dorado family! [adorable kid]

Barack:…they’ve got daughters. [Laughter] We’ve got Lindsey, we’ve got Hannah, and we’ve got Grace over here. And they’ve just been wonderful hosts, the whole time we’ve been watching.

Did I mention that this entire exchange occurred under a banner saying “Kansas City, MO?” Oh — well, at least one Obama was paying attention:

Sasha: Daddy, what city are you in?

Barack: I’m in Kansas City….

Barack Obama, are you smarter than a third grader? Truly stunning.

UPDATE: Geraghty notices the gaffe (along with 30 million others, I’m sure) and makes a wise observation on the baseball politics involved.

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