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We’ll never know how close Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was to being named the VP nominee, but he wasted no time this morning showing us why Obama made the right choice to leave him behind. Speaking this morning on Fox News Sunday about how the Biden pick will help Democrats in Virginia, Kaine has a curious answer:

Well, first, Joe comes from a state, Delaware, that borders Virginia. The eastern shore part of Delaware and Virginia are not only bordering but very very similar.

Um…not really.

In case you can’t tell, there’s about 50 miles of Maryland between Delaware and Virginia. Before becoming VP, Governor, you should try knowing the geography of your own state. Then again, he’s got this in common with Barack:

Democrats in 2008 – proving to America how badly we need school choice.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Allahpundit for the site traffic, and for converting this moment to YouTube for the ages:

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Now that Obama has made the first 3:00 AM decision of his “inevitable” presidency, McCain must begin considering who should sit across from Joe Biden during the vice presidential candidates’ debate. That event, always a bit more like a Sunday talk show than a contest for office, has had its share of memorable moments over the years: Lloyd Bentsen’s emasculation of Dan Quayle as “no Jack Kennedy,” Admiral Stockdale’s existential self-inquiry and hearing aid malfunction, and Bob Dole’s soliloquy on the toll of the 20th century’s “Democrat wars.”

While VP candidates certainly have a role to play in the campaign beyond this single event, it’s equaled perhaps only by the party convention as a forum for the Vice Presidential candidate to make an impact on the race. Biden is a tested, unpredictable, longwinded, and sometimes irascible debater who certainly has an extensive knowledge on the issues, particularly foreign policy. So let’s consider how McCain’s potential running mates might match up against him:

Joe Lieberman

  • Pros: If Biden tends to draw working-class white Democrats into the Obama fold, Lieberman can draw them right back. Their backgrounds in the Senate are so similar, it almost makes the VP contest moot and re-centers the debate on the presidential candidates — one that McCain was winning before the Biden pick. Total contrast in styles, with Lieberman a slower, more intellectual speaker whose wit is more wry than biting. It would be a fascinating debate to plan for…
  • Cons: …but not at all fascinating to watch, because it can’t and won’t be a debate. They would agree on almost everything of substance, and it would harshly magnify for all Republicans that McCain has picked a mostly-liberal Democrat as next-in-line to the presidency. No voter could conceivably watch this debate and think, wow, I have to vote Republican, because the Republican brand would be entirely absent. The mutual congratulations and senatorial courtesies flying around the hall would induce catatonia in even the most die-hard political junkies.


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