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This morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama took the occasion to make some comments about religion and respect for human life:

There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know.

So, Mr. President, speaking as a professing Christian and a supporter of abortion, does God consider infants in the womb to be (a) corrupt and guilty or (b) not human beings?  And if they aren’t human beings, what does God think they are?

Given that this was a prepared address, I continue to question the benighted Jon Favreau’s much-lauded skeelz.  There is no way that Obama intended to open this can of worms in the middle of what has been a wretched week for the Administration.

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While Senate Democrats may have all kinds of colorful names for Roland Burris, the new junior Senator from Illinois, “the Lord’s work” probably isn’t one of them:

I’m in there every day working with the people because that’s what the Lord has directed me. Can you all imagine a young, Black kid in Centralia, Illinois, at the age of sixteen saying he wanted to do two things? One, to be a lawyer and the other, to be a statewide elected official. Reflect on this, my Christian friends. There weren’t that many Black lawyers in 1953, let alone any Black politicians in 1953. That wasn’t me, that was the Lord! As the thirty-ninth attorney general of the sixth-largest state in America, that’s the Lord’s work.

Consider this an update on an earlier post.  I’m still waiting for the first reporter to question whether Burris is a theocratic tyrant seeking to impose his own cramped worldview on good secular Americans.

(h/t Geraghty, as is so often the case)

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