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Geraghty and the folks at Hot Air bring to my attention a far more accomplished piece of political film, also of the McCain campaign. My only question is, how has the final quote in this series not been broadcast sooner?

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I’ve been a huge fan of McCain’s rapid response ads lately, despite my early skepticism of their tone. But tonight’s ad — an attempt at a classy recognition of Obama’s historic achievement — was poorly-executed.

John’s obviously reading and looking away from the camera, even while saying “Senator Obama” to start it off. The average guy sipping his beer has to wonder, “Why does the guy need to read a 15-second congratulations? Does he not mean it?”

The sincerity problem continues when he squints and nearly frowns as he says “congratulations.” We know what McCain looks like when he’s happy or generous, and this ain’t it. Rather, it’s what he looks like when he’s winding up with a right hook when you’re not looking.

And that’s why the next line sounds like a backhanded slam rather than the intended polite recognition:

How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day.

Still not smiling. You almost hear him roll his eyes, “how PERFECT it is for you that you get to invoke one of American history’s most iconic figures on your big night. Isn’t that nice for you.” But immediately smiles when he follows with “Tomorrow we’ll be back at it.”

If this was the final cut, how awful were the earlier ones?

Good night, Senator. Job…well, you’ll get him next time. I hope.

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