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With his appointment of Roland Burris to Obama’s Senate seat today, Gov. Blagojevich has officially embraced his role in the Faustian tragedy that has embroiled the State of Illinois.

Having made the corrupt bargains “necessary” to gain and hold his beloved governorship, Blago reached the apotheosis of his powers, that one moment of true happiness, upon realizing that he was able to award perhaps the most coveted job in the state.   But just as Faust’s world collapsed once he held Gretchen in his arms, so Blago’s little empire was destroyed by his greatest scheme of all.  Utterly unaware of the destruction he is wreaking, Blagojevich has been reduced to frantic and deluded acts of bravado, deciding to look like the Man even as he is exposed as a fraud.  Faust’s own desperate efforts led to his own shame and the death or imprisonment of those he cared for.  We can only pull up a chair and wait with disgusted fascination to see where this lugubrious drollery leads our politics.

Mephistopheles is really getting his moneys worth on this one.

Mephistopheles is really getting his money's worth on this one.

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