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The latest in an ongoing series of things I wish John McCain would say on the campaign trail.

No one is better at pointing out America’s problems than a Democrat. They’ve spent most of their convention doing just that. It’s a problem that mills are closing in North Carolina, leaving hard-working Americans unemployed. It’s a serious matter when middle-class families, without losing their jobs, are suddenly faced with foreclosure. When the great social equalizer of a college education is so expensive that it’s off-limits to many and shackles the rest with a lifetime of debt, we should take notice. Oil prices are canceling vacations, raising the cost of food, even making us think hard before driving to the store.

No doubt these are among America’s most pressing concerns. But what have Democrats proposed as the solution to these challenges? “Hope.” “Change.” “No More Bush.”

Democrats talk about punishing companies that send jobs overseas, but they stand against free trade that would open foreign markets to American-made products. Here’s some straight talk — if we can’t sell our products, we can’t keep our jobs. Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t owned a business or made a sale in his life.

Yes, we’ve heard the plan to slap windfall taxes on Big Oil. But taxes are always passed right along to the consumer, particularly when they’re imposed on an entire industry. Will we feel better once we’ve soaked ourselves with higher gas prices?

I know the Democrats want to increase Pell Grants and expand federally-subsidized loans for college. But college costs are rising precisely BECAUSE of these programs. The purchaser (your son/daughter) isn’t sensitive to the price because she either doesn’t care (mom/dad/Uncle Sam are paying) or can postpone the pain (subsidized loans).

Sounds like four more years of all the same problems and none of the right solutions.

Instead, how about some real change? Instead of imposing costly one-size fits all health care mandates on average Americans, let’s empower YOU with a tax break that will allow everyone to buy exactly as much insurance as they need. Right now, you’re stuck with whatever your company provides. As your President, I’ll make sure your family has the resources and the choices to care for all its health needs — because I trust you more than Hillary Clinton to know what’s best for your family.

And let’s change the way we look at government. For too long, Congress has considered your tax dollars to be its personal trust fund. And like a trust fund baby on a Hawaiian vacation, they never run out of crazy ways to spend it. I’ve been fighting wasteful spending since the day I first climbed those Capitol steps, and mark my ear — not one bridge to nowhere, not one cow fart study, not one post office named for my own grandmother will survive my veto while I’m President.

And how about some smart changes to our energy policy? Right now, the federal government is denying you, my fellow Americans, access to billions of gallons of oil, while you are asked to pay $70 to fuel up your car. Today, the federal government is ordering you to burn corn in your gas tanks, while food prices skyrocket. Now, the federal government is telling you what kind of lightbulbs you can own, even if they give you a headache. In the McCain Administration, I’ll say enough! The federal government didn’t discover electricity — Benjamin Franklin did. No government scientist invented the lightbulb — Thomas Edison did. No government grant supported Henry Ford as he made the automobile an American birthright. No, my friends, we must let American innovation and hard work do what it has always done — solve our nation’s problems the right way, the smart way. I’ll get the government out of the way, so that YOU can drill. YOU can use solar. YOU can build wind turbines. YOU can harvest biofuels. YOU can mine clean coal. YOU can build nuclear plants. YOU can drive hybrid cars. YOU can take mass transit. YOU – MY FRIENDS, MY FELLOW AMERICANS – you will be the ones transform energy for the next century. And as your President, I’ll defend your freedom to choose the path our nation will take together.

Change on food prices? I’ll end subsidies for big agricultural companies that use your tax dollars to prop up their profits. Change on the economy? I’ll make America a place to do business again by lowering taxes and costly regulations on small businesses. Change on the environment? I’ll take global warming seriously and clear the way for cleaner, safer technologies without costing Americans trillions in top-down mandates. Change on the dollar? The weak dollar is poison for your pocketbook, and I’ll cut wasteful spending, reduce the deficit, and restore confidence in the American economy.

My friends, does any of this sound like the last eight years? This election isn’t about whether we have problems — we all know America faces challenges. This election isn’t about whether we will change America — it’s about HOW we change America. I’ve been fighting for American families for all of my life. I know what needs to be done. All I ask is that you let me get to work.

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