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One thing we’ve learned in the past several cycles is that Democrats truly believe they can only lose elections when they are stolen from them.  Democrats should rightly win all elections.  Republicans only win when secret money is deployed from overseas, dimwitted citizens are scared out of their minds, and nefarious special interests get stealth candidates to attack real public servants.

Of course, with evil forces such as these on the march,what right-thinking liberals shouldn’t use any means necessary to defeat them?  Today’s sampling of such means includes:

Of course, such efforts don’t always turn out as intended.  A group called the Illinois Democratic Coordinated Campaign sought to solicit hundreds of thousands of Democrats to use Chicago’s new “vote by mail” system, but glitches with the paperwork appear to have thrown a hitch into the scheme.  Unless voting officials can sort it all out in a week, the affected voters could either lose their opportunity vote or at least be so confused by it all that they don’t bother.  Call it a little karma coming back around Alexi Giannoulias’ way — his bank failed its customers, and now his turnout machine is failing him.

Now every election year, there are new reports of voter fraud and manipulation that crop up in the hothouse atmosphere that is a political campaign.  Most turn out to be false, or at least unproven.  Others turn out to be very true, but go unpunished.  And still others are told as wistful memories by union officials:

So don’t believe everything you hear.  But don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.  I’ve watched union thugs take down signs five times in two hours on a road outside a precinct.  I’ve responded to a complaint by a voter who said she could only be given Democrat ballots in her union hall precinct (and this was the 2004 general election), only to be told with a smirk that the voter (a 48-year old doctor) must have misunderstood.  Be vigilant out there, folks.  We’re too close to allow shenanigans to get in the way.


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