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  • James Capretta explains in precise detail why the CBO score of the Baucus bill is a sham.  Sen. Grassley agrees.
  • Over at RealClearPolitics, David Paul Kuhn assesses the importance of the growing willingness within the comedy class to make fun of Obama.  Of course, some of us have been making fun of Obama for months, but I guess adulterers have more street cred.
  • People seem to be waking up to the lurking threat of the weak dollar, and David Malpass is the latest to make the case.  Kevin Hassett takes the fear to the next level in the latest issue of National Review (subscription required), comparing the U.S. debt load to (mostly Latin American) countries that have defaulted on their debt over the past two decades.  As you might imagine, the comparison is not favorable.  This blog has been on the record about its concerns with the weak dollar and the money supply for quite some time.

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