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Ryan Van Meter lives with his bulldog, Cameron, in the Peoplestown neighborhood of Atlanta. A nearly-lifelong resident of the ATL, he spends his days as most Atlantans do: commuting ungodly distances on its clogged highways, dining in its surprisingly-diverse restaurants, caring as best he can for his yard, and enjoying the company of his friends and neighbors. A lawyer by training, Ryan manages the litigation of a large mineral processing firm. He abandoned his passion for writing for most of his legal career, but he rediscovered it when writing a children's book for his first nephew a few years ago. Since then, he's explored a lot of avenues for his writing without really driving down any of them. He hopes to change that soon. In the meantime, you can find him walking to a Braves game, cheering the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens, or snapping photos on a never-long-enough vacation.

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